Monitor Svxlink server and control FM hotspot

Svxlink has been becoming very popular in Germany thanks to the FM-Funknetz initiative. I have been using the DJSPOT hotspot for some time. Users can configure which channels (called Talk Group) are monitored and if any communication takes place and just talk in the opened talk group. But if a want to open a specific talk group the selection via DTMF control with the handheld radio is not very handy. There is a web interface for the DJSPOT available which supports control functions such as change of talk group. And you need to visit the server dashboard if you would like to see if any other communication takes place (of talk groups not monitored by DJSPOT).

There is a great solution for all these inconvenience problems, the SVXcube, a monitor device which provides all these information and enables really easy change of talk groups. I really like this gadget. It also helped me to learn some basics of the MQTT protocol which is widely used for IoT and home automation. My specials thanks go to Jens DJ1JAY for great help via chat to get it up and running.