Location: Riechheim

Locator: JO50NV 50°52.70′ N 11°07.23′ E, 410 m a.s.l.!call=a%2FDL2AKT&timerange=3600&tail=3600

Equipment: IC9100 (1.8 MHz…1296 MHz) allmode TRX running with Microham MicroKEYER III.
Elecraft KX3.
FTM-400D (144/432 MHz) FM , C4FM.
HLV1200 (144 MHz LDMOS PA).

Antenna System: LW (1.8/3.5/7 MHz & WARC), FB33 (3 Ele) 14/21/28 MHz, 9 Ele 144MHz, 16 Ele 432 MHz, 16 Ele 1296 MHz, X5000 , (144/432/1296 Vertical).

Perseus SDR with 144 MHz Converter.

Handheld TRX 144/432 MHz: FT3D (FM, C4FM), THD-72 (FM, APRS), RT3S (FM, DMR). TH-F7 (FM, SSB RX).

Portable equipment: IC-706 MK-2G, KX3

WIRES-X Interface HRI-200 (used with FTM-400D).

PI-STAR MMDVM Duplex Hotspot on Raspberry Pi Zero, see

DJSPOT FM Hotspot on Raspberry Pi Zero running svxlink software connected to FM-Funknetz (user DL2AKT-DJ) and Echolink (DL2AKT-L, node 118567)

Weather station DAVIS Vantage Pro2 with APRS and Internet links, life weather data at or or

ADS-B (airplane location/flight data) SDR RX running on Raspberry Pi 4, feeding data to several hubs, e.g.

And a lot of equipment not used anymore, e.g. ATV.

My QTH has good take off  from south to north west directions. North east is worst because of 100 m higher hill in 1 km distance. Below you can see the radio horizon calculated with DL2ALF’s Airscout software:

My QTH and equipment is good enough for 400km range in SSB and 800km in FT8 on 2m band with normal tropospheric propagation conditions.