FM Hotspot

The activities on VHF/UHF FM repeaters have been decreasing for some years, even with increasing number of repeaters. However, I realized that this  changed in past two years. And I was wondering that quite distant stations were working via local repeaters. The reason for that are linked repeaters. Linking FM repeaters was not really new but limited to a few ones. Then a team of enthusiasts began to build a larger network using SM0VCX svxlink software. It moved from Thueringen-Link to FM-Funknetz with >200 stations online, including many stations using hotspots. Even, I can work about 50 repeaters from my location, it just triggered my interest to experiment. So, I bought a DJSPOT device (designed by Gabriel BV5DJ)  running on Raspberry Pi Zero. Features well known in digital modes (DMR, DSTAR, YFS) are no available in FM too. And the device can be also run as Echolink node.